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The novel coronavirus has dramatically affected the daily lives of millions of people all over the world.

Transporting heavy equipment during a pandemic can be extremely challenging. In addition to the already stringent protocols the trucking and rigging industry must follow, machinery moving companies in Miami have to be twice as cautious when considering the various laws and safety regulations designed to mitigate the crisis.

Strict implementation of social distancing is among the courses of action to help curb the spread of the disease. However, moving and transportation cannot wait, especially if you are relocating your facilities. 

While our business sector (the trucking and rigging industry), has been allowed to remain open, please understand that Pedowitz Machinery Movers has enacted strict safety compliance protocols, as well as implemented additional guidelines for our staff, as well as clients, in order to ensure a safe work environment.

The implementation of such guidelines will help us minimize risk, and enable us to transport your assets safely at their destination.

First and foremost is our assurance to you the customer, as well as to our employees, that we will uphold all social distancing mandates, including wearing masks indoors, while on governmental property, and when within 6 feet of each other, clients, or the public.


Next, the best practice to prevent the transmission of the virus is by washing and disinfecting the hands with alcohol or hand sanitizers. Accordingly, it is imperative that all Pedowitz Machinery Movers employees carry hand sanitizer as well as wash their hands as often as possible throughout the work day. We cannot emphasize this enough. All Pedowitz Machinery Movers trucks are stocked with alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer. We have ample hand-washing stations at our warehouses and depots as well for when our team members pick up your machines and equipment.

Please know that Pedowitz Machinery Movers does not borrow or recycle packing supplies as the coronavirus is able to survive on various surfaces for up to several days. We only invest in brand new supplies for every job.

We continually monitor the CDC, as well as other federal regulatory agencies for any and all updated information, in order that our employees follow the standard safety and health rules, and implement them strictly.

Staying Safe While Moving and Transporting Your Equipment. That is job one at Pedowitz.