Shipping an Industrial Press Brake

Industrial-grade press brake machines come in all sizes and designs. This one happened to be 70,000 pounds. Rest assured Pedowitz Machinery Movers has the right power machines and a plethora of trailers to handle any type of heavy equipment. This includes all manner of CNC machinery and, as in this case an industrial press brake. Regardless of the size or type of press brake, you can rely on the 7 decades of experience and our certified truckers and riggers to pick up, transport, unload and set in place an type of press brake, anywhere in the lower 48, Canada and Mexico. This includes Hydraulic Press Brakes, Mechanical Press Brakes, Pneumatic Press Brakes and Servo-Electric Press Brakes.

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Remember if you’re looking to unload and set in place a 35 Ton press brake in Fort Pierce FL or anywhere else , just call Pedowitz at (954) 973-9737.