Fine Art Handling & Sculpture Rigging Miami

Fine Art Handling & Sculpture Rigging Miami

Pedowitz is a recognized Fine Art Handling & Sculpture Rigging Services Company Miami Gallery Owners & Retailers trust. We’re a leader in Miami sculpture rigging and fine art moving. As you can see from the multiple blog posts on our websites, as well as instagram and YouTube channels, we’re the go to rigging company Miami projects call whether it’s Virgin, Amazon, The Kardashians or in these photos, our client who had a job that there is no margin.

Starting with fine art storage and logistics, we’ve moved single pieces or entire collections and that includes private as well as corporate and institutional. Galleries and individuals trust us with their handling, installation and art storage needs.

From public spaces to museums, art logistics is part of what we do, so trust Pedowitz to protect the value and integrity of all collections. We carry more than the requisite amount of insurance to suit your needs.

If it’s art storage solutions you need, our facilities are climate controlled, and secure which will be more than suitable for your fine art collection. Each of our numerous terminals along the eastern seaboard is staffed by trained art handlers who are experienced in managing art collections. You can also expect that our warehouses are in full compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, climate controlled, and secure.

We will provide site services upon request if risk assessment is required prior to transportation. Typically our site to site transport services are turnkey and include installation and placement, handling and custom packing, crating and if necessary skidding, as well as any custom rigging and/or engineering solutions. We will provide team members to suit your job who are able to execute the rigging and hoisting, unpacking, placement, and assembly of your sculpture or as in the photos below, theatrical and sound equipment.

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Remember when they need the best in Fine Art Handling & Sculpture Rigging Miami Galleries and Project Managers call Pedowitz Machinery Movers.

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