When it comes to CNC Machinery Movers Pensacola Shop Managers trust Pedowitz.

If you’re searching for a safe, reasonably priced solution for moving a press brake, you need a rigging company that can do everything from load to transport, to setting it in place.

In modern metal fabrication shops, the most commonly used bending and forming tool is the hydraulic press brake. What is it?

The CNC hydraulic press brake is a large pressing tool that bends pieces of metal by exerting thousands of pounds of force in a defined area, forcing the metal to bend.

Further, modern press brakes can be precisely programmed using CNC, they’re much safer, more precise, and can bend sheet metal, metal plates, bars, rods, and more.

Pedowitz Machinery Movers has transported press brakes (sometimes as heavy as 90,000 lbs – used to make subway cars) all over the country. This press brake, while much smaller than the one just mentioned, is still a very heavy piece of machinery and requires experienced mechanical equipment riggers.